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Generac Announces First Quarter 2014 Earnings Release Date and Conference Call
1:34PM ET on Thursday Apr 17, 2014 by Business Wire

Generac Holdings Inc. ("Generac") (NYSE: GNRC), a leading designer and manufacturer of power generation equipment and other engine powered products, today announced plans to release its first quarter 2014 financial results ...

Company Information

Generac Holdings Inc. (Generac) is a designer and manufacturer of a range of generators and other engine powered products for the residential, light commercial, industrial and construction markets. The Company designs, manufactures, sources and modifies engines, alternators, automatic transfer switches and other components necessary for its products. Its products are fueled by natural gas, liquid propane, gasoline, diesel and Bi-Fuel and are available through a range of network of independent dealers, retailers, wholesalers and equipment rental companies. It distribute its products through independent residential and industrial dealers, electrical wholesalers, national accounts, private label arrangements, retailers, catalogs, e-commerce merchants, equipment rental companies, equipment dealers and construction companies. In July 2013, Generac Holdings Inc announced the closing of the purchase agreement to acquire the equity of Tower Light Srl and its wholly owned subsidiaries.


HeadquartersS45 W29290 HIGHWAY 59
WAUKESHA, WI, United States 53187


Non-Executive Chairman of the BoardTimothy Walsh
President, Chief Executive Officer, DirectorAaron Jagdfeld
Chief Financial OfficerYork Ragen
Executive Vice President - Commercial and Industrial ProductsTerrence Dolan
Executive Vice President - Residential GroupRussell Minick

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Market Cap$4.0BBeta1.02
Revenue (TTM)$1.5BEPS$2.50
Shares Out.68.8MBook Value$4.62
Dividend Yield0.00%P/E23.1x
Annual Dividend Rate$0.00Price/Sales (TTM)2.7
Ex-Div Date1/1/01P/Cash Flow (TTM)18.8x
Pay Date6/21/13Operating Margin22.58%

*GAAP = prior to non-GAAP analyst adjusted earnings.


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