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Company Information

Dermisonics, Inc. (formerly Second Stage Ventures, Inc.) is a development stage company. The Company’s principal activity is to provide drugs delivery system. Its Transdermal systems deliver drugs through the skin into the bloodstream. Medications delivered via skin patches avoid liver metabolism, a necessary feature for drug molecules to metabolize easily, and allows for lower dosing of medications. There are two types of transdermal delivery systems: passive and active. In passive transdermal systems, the drug diffuses through the skin where it can act locally or penetrate the capillaries for systemic effect. Active patches require a physical force to facilitate the movement of drug molecules across the skin. It is a development stage company.


Headquarters375 N Stephanie St Ste 1411
HENDERSON, NV, United States 89014-8909


Chairman of the Board, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Interim Chief Financial OfficerBruce Haglund
DirectorGrant Atkins
DirectorBruce Redding

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Market Cap$63.9KBeta-2.98
Revenue (TTM)--EPS--
Shares Out.63.9MBook Value$0.32
Dermisonics Inc does not pay a dividend.P/E--
Price/Sales (TTM)--
P/Cash Flow (TTM)--
Operating Margin--

*GAAP = prior to non-GAAP analyst adjusted earnings.


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