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Company Information

Computerized Thermal Imaging, Inc. (CTI) develops and markets thermal imaging systems for applications in healthcare and industrial markets. The Company's system is based upon computer interpretation of thermal photography using software developed by CTI. CTI has developed six technologies, four of which relate to its breast imaging system called BCS 2100: a climate-controlled examination unit to provide patient comfort and facilitate reproducible tests for the BCS 2100; an imaging protocol designed to produce consistent results for the BCS 2100; a statistical model that detects physiological irregularities for the BCS 2100; infrared imaging and analysis hardware, including the Company's heat-sensing camera, which is used in the BCS 2100, as well as in pain management and industrial systems; a system used in its Photonic Stimulator to treat pain and other symptoms of diseases that restrict blood flow; and the Turbine Blade Inspection System (TBIS).


Headquarters2 Centerpointe Dr Ste 450
LAKE OSWEGO, OR, United States 97035-8631


Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive OfficerRichard Secord
DirectorHarry Aderholt
DirectorMilton Geilmann
DirectorBrent Pratley

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Market Cap$11.5KBeta2.60
Revenue (TTM)$78.0KEPS$0.00
Shares Out.114.6MBook Value$-0.02
Computerized Thermal Imaging Inc does not pay a dividend.P/E--
Price/Sales (TTM)0.1
P/Cash Flow (TTM)--
Operating Margin-843.59%

*GAAP = prior to non-GAAP analyst adjusted earnings.


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