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CombiMatrix Names Trilochan Sahoo, M.D., Director of Cytogenetics
6:00AM ET on Wednesday Apr 09, 2014 by GlobeNewswire

CombiMatrix Corporation (Nasdaq:CBMX), a molecular diagnostics company specializing in DNA-based testing services for developmental disorders and cancer diagnostics, today announced that Trilochan Sahoo, M.D. FACMG, has recently joined the Comp...

Company Information

CombiMatrix Corporation is a molecular diagnostics company. The Company operates in the field of genetic analysis and molecular diagnostics through its wholly owned subsidiary, CombiMatrix Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. located in Irvine, California. The Company operates as a diagnostics reference laboratory, providing DNA-based clinical diagnostic testing services to physicians, hospitals, clinics and other laboratories in the areas of pre-and postnatal development disorders and hematology/oncology genomics. The Company's BAC arrays enable the Company to perform aCGH studies to evaluate genomic alterations. The Company's oligo arrays allow the Company to perform aCGH on a much more refined scale than is possible with BAC technology. During the year ended December 31, 2011, it also owns a 33% interest in Leuchemix, Inc. (Leuchemix), a private drug development company focused on developing a series of compounds to address a number of oncology-related diseases.


HeadquartersSUITE 150, 310 GODDARD
IRVINE, CA, United States 92618


Chairman of the BoardR Jessup
President, Chief Executive Officer, DirectorMark McDonough
Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, SecretaryScott Burell
Chief Medical OfficerR. Weslie Tyson
Independent DirectorWei Ding

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Market Cap$28.8MBeta0.20
Revenue (TTM)$6.4MEPS$-2.62
Shares Out.11.1MBook Value$1.49
Dividend Yield0.00%P/E--
Annual Dividend Rate$0.00Price/Sales (TTM)4.5
Ex-Div Date1/1/01P/Cash Flow (TTM)--
Pay Date1/1/01Operating Margin-100.44%

*GAAP = prior to non-GAAP analyst adjusted earnings.


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