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BRIEF-Atrion Corp says board voted to increase its size from five to six directors
2:12PM ET on Monday Mar 13, 2017 by Thomson Reuters

March 13 (Reuters) - Atrion Corp :

* Board voted to increase the total number of directors constituting the board of directors from five to six - SEC f...

Atrion Corporation Announces Election of New Director
1:23PM ET on Monday Mar 13, 2017 by GlobeNewswire

Atrion Corporation (NASDAQ:ATRI) today announced the election of Preston G. Athey as a director effective immediately. Mr. Athey recently retired after an extraordinary 38 year career with T. Rowe Price Associates. In 1991, he began managing th...

BRIEF-Atrion on Feb. 28, Co entered into credit agreement with Wells Fargo Bank, National Association as lender
5:05PM ET on Friday Mar 03, 2017 by Thomson Reuters

March 3 (Reuters) - Atrion Corp

* Atrion - on february 28, 2017, co entered into credit agreement with wells fargo bank, national association, as lende...

BRIEF-Atrion reports Q4 earnings per share $3.00
5:09PM ET on Thursday Feb 23, 2017 by Thomson Reuters

Feb 23 (Reuters) - Atrion Corp-

* Atrion reports fourth quarter and full year 2016 results

* Q4 earnings per share $3.00

* Q4 revenue $33.3 million versu...

Atrion Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Results
4:30PM ET on Thursday Feb 23, 2017 by GlobeNewswire

Atrion Corporation (NASDAQ:ATRI) announced today that for the fourth quarter of 2016 revenues were $33.3 million compared to $32.4 million in the same period of 2015, while net income decreased to $5.6 million from $6.1 million, and diluted ear...

Company Information

Atrion Corporation (Atrion) is engaged in developing and manufacturing products, primarily for medical applications. The Company's medical products range from fluid delivery devices to ophthalmic and cardiovascular products. Its fluid delivery products include valves that promote infection control and needle safety. It has developed a range of valves designed to fill, hold and release controlled amounts of fluids or gasses on demand for use in various intubation, intravenous, catheter and other applications in areas, such as anesthesia and oncology. Its cardiovascular product, MPS2 Myocardial Protection System (MPS2), is the system used in open-heart surgery that delivers fluids and medications, mixes critical drugs and controls temperature, pressure and other variables. Atrion is a manufacturer of specialized medical devices that disinfect contact lenses. Its other medical and non-medical product lines consist of instrumentation and associated disposables.


Headquarters1 Allentown Pkwy
ALLEN, TX, United States 75002-4206


Chairman of the BoardEmile Battat
President, Chief Executive OfficerDavid Battat
Chief Financial Officer, Vice President, Treasurer, SecretaryJeffery Strickland
Lead Independent DirectorRoger Stebbing
Independent DirectorPreston Athey

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Market Cap$868.4MBeta1.00
Revenue (TTM)$143.5MEPS$14.87
Shares Out.1.8MBook Value$89.36
Dividend Yield0.89%P/E31.8x
Annual Dividend Rate4.20 USDPrice/Sales (TTM)6.1
Ex-Div Date3/13/17P/Cash Flow (TTM)23.8x
Pay Date3/31/17Operating Margin27.27%

*GAAP = prior to non-GAAP analyst adjusted earnings.


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