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Company Information

American Shared Hospital Services provides Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery equipment and radiation therapy and related equipment to approximately 20 medical centers in approximately 20 states in the United States. The Company provides Gamma Knife services through its over 81% indirect interest in GK Financing, LLC (GKF). The Company's business is the outsourcing of stereotactic radiosurgery services and radiation therapy services. The Company provides the equipment, as well as planning, installation, reimbursement and marketing support services. The Company's radiation therapy business consists of one Image Guided Radiation Therapy Operations (IGRT) system. IGRT technology integrates imaging and detection components into a linear accelerator, allowing clinicians to plan treatment, verify positioning and deliver treatment with a single device, providing radiation therapy with less damage to healthy tissue. It is also engaged in proton beam radiation therapy business (PBRT).


Headquarters2 Embarcadero Ctr Ste 410
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States 94111-3822


Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive OfficerErnest Bates
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial OfficerCraig Tagawa
Vice President - Sales and Business DevelopmentErnest Bates
Lead Independent DirectorJohn Ruffle
DirectorS. Mert Ozyurek

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Market Cap$22.0MBeta0.68
Revenue (TTM)$17.8MEPS$0.14
Shares Out.5.4MBook Value$3.75
Dividend Yield0.00%P/E30.2x
Annual Dividend Rate0.00 USDPrice/Sales (TTM)1.2
Ex-Div Date1/1/01P/Cash Flow (TTM)2.6x
Pay Date1/1/01Operating Margin13.68%

*GAAP = prior to non-GAAP analyst adjusted earnings.


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